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Cherry USB hiiri

CHERRY optinen hiiri, 1000 DPI, 2 painiketta ja rulla, USB, 1,8m kaapeli, musta- (JM-0300-2)

Mitat (LxSxK): 68,5x111,5x35mm.
HINTA : 10e sis alv

Kingston Compact Falsh 4GB muistikortti

Hinta 20 e sis alv
SabDisk Ultra II 1.0GB muistikortti

Hinta:  5e sis alv
IDE to Compct Disk  Adapter

Hinta 10 e sis alv

USB 2.0 Host to Host Bridge cable

USB 2.0 Host Link is your Hi-Speed USB 2.0 solution to peer to peer file sharing via USB 2.0 port. 

The Host Link cable provides true plug-n-play capability while transferring files at greater speed than traditional USB or other legacy port file transfer products.

Hi-Speed USB 2.o solutions offer up to 40 times the spedd compared to normal full-speed USB 1.1 products. 

Host Link also provides a File Transfer program that is similar to windows program manager so you can easily drag and drop files or create folders in your computer or the linked remote PC. Just plug in the cable, run Host Link program  and instantly transfer or copy files at high speed. 

The Host Link Hi_Speed USB Bridge Cable is highly suitable for mobile computer use and SOHO environment.

Datalehti :
Hinta :15e sis alv


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