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    Supports full WINDOW 95/98/2000/NT/XP/7/8/10.
    Auto search device select function supports E(E)PROMs & Microcontrollers.
    Device insertion test identifies improperly inserted device before programming.
    Check for incorrect device insertion, backward, incorrect position, and poor pin contact.
    High-speed device function tests and user creatable test library.
    Device Operations: Read,Blank check, Program, Verify, Checksum, Data compare, Security, Auto(blank check-program-verify), Option Bit program.
    Display programming parameters and optional bit information on the screen.
    Set device/buffer address ranges before programming devices.
    Extensive on-line F1 help system provides text and graphics.
    User-changeable programming parameters.
    Built-in editor for both buffer date and test vectors.
    Support Binary and all hex files (POF and JEDEC, Intel Hex, Motorola S Records, Tekhex , straight hex, hex-space, Extended Tekhex, and others; automatic file type recognition) with Load,Edit, and Save commands.
    Distribution of 16- and 32- bit data into 8-bit portions.

    One on-board FPGA for extremely fast communication.
    Supports real low-voltage support : 5, 3.3, 2.7 and 1.8 volt for programming power.
    Detects all pin locations for poor or damaged pin contacts.
    External START key allows production programming mode.
    Internal universal power supply,110-240 VAC (no separate power supply required in foreign country).
    Current limiting protects hardware circuit from improperly inserted or defective chips and operation errors.
    Standard 48-pin ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) socket accepts both 300mil and 600 mil DIP devices.
    True universal pin driver hardware.
    Support a high-speed USB 2.0/3.0 port for PC interface.
    Hardware diagnostic program exams all socket-pin drivers before using programmer.
    Gang Program Mode allows programmers up to 8 units as concurrent programming system. (START ALL key enable to program the programmers simultaneously)


ChipMax2 is a low cost and high-performance universal device programmer for PC USB 2.0/3.0 interface.
It programs a 64 Mbit flash memory in 42 seconds.
 ChipMax2 supports over 13000 programmable devices with low voltage (1.8 V).
 ChipMax2 is the state-of-art universal programmer offers you the most advanced programming facilities with the most user friendly interface.

Adapter included: PA68-40E  

Device PINs PLCC68

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