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  • Delivery conditions: All prices with local VAT.
  • All prices are shown with a Finnish VAT 24% EU customers must pay VAT if they have not a valid VAT number (=companies).
  • All foreign packets must be prepaid.
  • Payment methods:
  • 1. Bank money transfer in EU is fast and cheap. Bank surcharge 4e/payment. The customer must pay his/her side bank costs
  • 2. Paypal is fastest method for Visa. Paypal surcharge is 4% of goods and delivery charge
  • Delivery is done mostly by post packet.
  • TNT,UPS delivery possible if a customer has an own account.
  • Ask delivery details and a proforma incvoice by email
  • Delivery cost for small packets in Europe is 15e under 200g. For bigger packets the price depends on weight byt also on size see
  • Internet delivery follow number for foreign postpackets by Finnish Post (=Itella Oy)
  • Delivery time is mostly 1-2 days. The post delivery time for Europes is normally 7 days. Delivery time for the other countries depend on the local post.

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6 x RF ID Reader for PC 125kHz
6 x 93C66B-I/SN 256*16byte EEPROM
6 x 4 digit voltage meter
6 x Diode 1N4007
6 x Measuring Device 4-20mA 6 Bar
6 x USB RS232 muunnin VSCOM
5 x Grain dryer GSM alarm2
6 x Inductive NPN-type Sensor LJ18A3-8-Z / BX
3 x PIC16F18857-SO
3 x PIC16F886-SO
3 x Thermostat
3 x Step Motor Controller 4A 12-36V
3 x CMPS03 electronic compass + I2C/RS232 converter
3 x S27-USB-Serial converter
3 x LCD counter 999999
3 x Baler counter 10d
3 x Baler counter 10 c
3 x Baler counter 10b
3 x GPS TTL in/out 9600
3 x Counter Led 5 digit
3 x Resonator 12MHz
3 x Resonator 10MHz
3 x Crystal 32768 Hz case MX2XP
3 x Crystal 3.684MHz HC49sx
3 x Crystal 3.684MHz HC49
3 x RF ID ring
3 x RF ID card
4 x LCD humidity and temperaturemeter
3 x Pulse simulator
3 x Power supply 3V-12V 1A
3 x DB15Male 90 deg connector
3 x DB15M ribbon cable connector
3 x DB15Female 90 deg connector
3 x Ultrasonic transducer
3 x Serialscope is an Excel chart deposit program
3 x Sequencer for radioamateurs
3 x Geotechnical counter
3 x LED Theatre actor time lapse meter
3 x Audio tansformer 600:600 ohms
3 x USB 2.0 serial adapter
4 x Figaro CO sensor 5042-B00
3 x MT8870DS DTMF decoder
3 x WH4004A-TMC-ET# 4*40 merkkiä LCD
3 x SMT160-30 temperature sensor
3 x LCD WH4002A 40*2 blue lcd
3 x LCD 204A 4*20 character
3 x LCD WH1601A-yyt-ET#
4 x USB audio adpter
1 x PT1000 surface sensor
1 x Bluetooth temperature meter
1 x LP-100FZ potentiometer MIDO 100mm
2 x Acceleration Logger X250-2
1 x Christmas star construction kit
2 x inductive PNP-type sensor
1 x Reset adapter
1 x Ir receiver 38kHz TSOP4838
1 x GPS Mapper
1 x TCPIP controller
4 x Inductiive sensor Namur
4 x L6203 stepmotor driver
1 x Maxon DC MOTOR 24V 2332.911-10.156-052
1 x Easy CNC book
1 x Time'n and Count'n book
1 x Village without name
1 x DIN mounting Wavecom modem
1 x DIP4 - 4 Position DIP Switch
1 x DIP8 Switch
1 x GSM antenna outside the enclosure
1 x DB9 straight male solder connector
1 x GSM relay PG-30
1 x TSL230BR light/frequency converter DIP8DIP8
1 x 54C922J Keyboard decoder DIP18
1 x ADXL202E 2*Level sensor
1 x ADXL203E 2*level sensor
1 x Bourns ECW1J-B24-CC0024L pulse sensor 24 pulse/turn
1 x HTRC100-01T RFID 125KHz detector IC SOIC14
1 x humidity sensor
1 x Level sensor CW1300-1
1 x Level sensor 100W
1 x LIS3L02 3-D sensor
1 x LM335 temperature sensor
1 x MAX18S20Z temperature sensor 1-wire
1 x MCP9701A0T-M/OT temperature sensor
1 x MCP9800A0T-M/OT I2C temprature sensor
1 x MPX4115A air pressure sensor
2 x CAN232 adpater for RS232
1 x Bluetooth-adapter
1 x Cross-sensing Cat5e UTP cable to the device , 2m , gray
1 x DB25Uros -DB25Uros 5m cable
1 x DB9F - DB9M extension cable 1.6m
1 x DELTACO device cable, no groung, CEE 7/16 - IEC 60320 C7, max 2
1 x Deltaco FW-71-K FireWire-kaapeli 4.5m
1 x DELTACO sound cable, 3,5mm male- 2xRCA male, 2m, white
1 x DELTACO USB 2.0 cable A-type male - A-type female
1 x Firewire cable 6- pin plug - 4- pin male , 2m, black FW- 8i
1 x HDMI cable 3m
1 x Network Cable 5m IEC 60320
1 x Null modem cable DB9F / DB9F crossover cable
1 x Power Cable CEE 7/7 - IEC 60320 C5
1 x The device cable with CEE 7/16 - straight IEC 60320 C7
1 x The power supply cable DEL - 112V
1 x USB 2.0 cable 0.5m
1 x USB 2.0 cable A-type male - B-type male , 0,5m
1 x USB-26 2.0m cable, A-type male ,B-type male
1 x Thermometer
1 x Autolog
1 x PIC16F84-SO SOIC18
1 x Oil burner remote GSM
1 x Firing pulses sensor
1 x Grain Dryer GSM alarm1
1 x The tilt meter graders and tractors
1 x PROFFUSE KSL-99-1 water level meter
1 x InRouter 791 cellular routers
1 x PC DTMF program
1 x Audio Digital sound generator program
1 x Serial driver program
1 x GSM housing
1 x HAMMOND 1599ESGY plastic housing
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