MrSmart datalogger program
[MrSmart data]

MrSmart datalogger program
MrSmart datalogger program
For information may be stored and displayed automatically-updated program graphically.
You can save the information .log format, so they fit the graphics on the screen.
This file format is quite normal for the ASCII data line-by-line time, channel and the temperature
At the same time, you can save them Exclel format, allowing you to easily read the file to EXCEL environment.
You can also set the control is OFF and the temperatures separately and adjust the relay.
You can save it to your homepage tidon appropriate time slots and watch the same program your workplace how to heat the home is changing.

The program also stores the last eight temperature of a different file, to make them easy to apply for the temperature control.

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4 x Cross-sensing Cat5e UTP cable to the device , 2m , gray
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9 x Step Motor Controller 4A 12-36V
2 x PIC BASIC Compiler 1.45
4 x DIN mounting Wavecom modem
4 x GSM antenna outside the enclosure
2 x DB9 straight male solder connector
1 x 3-pins XLR chassis connector - socket female
1 x DB15Female 90 deg connector
1 x DB15M ribbon cable connector
9 x DS3695N RS485 driver
8 x LF411CN amplifier DIP8
9 x LF442 amplifier
8 x LM10CLN Operational Amplifier and Voltage Reference
8 x LM1207AK 3*Video amplifier DIP28 0.6" wide
8 x LM3886T AMP, AUDIO + MUTE 68W, 3886, TO-220
9 x LM78L33 3.3V regulator
14 x LM7912 regulator -12V
14 x LM79L15ACZ regulator -15V
4 x CUTTERS Cu 1.0 125mm
1 x PIC18F2550-I/P DIP40
1 x PIC18F4620-I/P DIP40
1 x PIC18F26J11-I/SO Soic28
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4 x Nokia AC adapters 230 / 6V
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8 x Humidity and temperature control
2 x Power supply 3V-12V 1A
2 x Traco 24 / 5V 1A DC / DC converter
3 x PS1303 the DC power source 230VA13V 3A
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6 x SR90555 Switcher input max 36 V output 4-36V max 4A
3 x TRACO TCL12-124DC24W switching power supply for DIN rail
3 x The power supply Eta VTM01C12
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5 x MAX724 5A/2A Step-Down, PWM, Switch-Mode DC-DC Regulators
2 x USB RS232 muunnin VSCOM
6 x Safety relay HDZ 468-1163 48V
8 x DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator for Hart
7 x GSM server send/Receive
1 x HDSP 2110 8* number LED display,
1 x The ICL7107 is 31/2 digit A/D converter
1 x ICL7216DIPI LCD counter DIP28
3 x ICL7217AIPI 4 decade counter for LED display
3 x ICL7106 DIP40 LCD Driver
3 x inductive PNP-type sensor
2 x Teltonika GSM modem WirelessCom / G10
1 x Nokia 3310 HF-cable
3 x USB 2.0 cable A-type male - B-type male , 0,5m
3 x Tachometer 0-9999 RPM
3 x relay card 8 pcs , opto-isolated
2 x GPS Mapper
2 x LED Accident Display
4 x Bluetooth temperature meter
4 x Current Transformer 3000: 1
2 x SHT11 humidity and temperature sensor
2 x Affordable stabilized switch mode AC adapter 9V 0.5A ,
8 x Ir receiver 38kHz TSOP4838
1 x OP232 IR transmitter
1 x The OFT - 3301 phototransistor 3mm
1 x TSL252R -LF analog light sensor
1 x Christmas star construction kit
2 x 4*DA Converter
2 x 2to1 adapter for Term program
1 x 4 digit voltage meter
1 x Baler counter 10a
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