Inductance CD

Inductance CD
Inductance CD
Educational CDs interested in electrical engineering from radio amateurs, teachers and students who want to know what magnetism and inductance means in practice.
· Ferrite Materials
· MAnufacturing of Ferrite
· Switching calculation of the inductance of the transformer
· Example 25W AC switching 230VAC / 5VDC 5A.
· Calculation of the transformer by primary turns · Wire warming
· Power narrowing and filling ratio
· Glass fiber reinforced reactor manufacturing machine
· Further information about persons present in writing: ·
Ørsted, Nikola Tesla, Lenz, Maxwell, Ampère, Henry Weber, Faraday by Frederick Emmons Terman · Richard Feynman, Johan Jacob Nervander
Switch Mode Power Supply is an excellent invention
DC converters operating
Linear voltage regulator and equipped middle tap transformer
Linear Gratzin on the bridge of linear voltage supply
Switching power supply Switching power supply.
Booster-type chopper to raise the voltage effectively..
Inverting a voltage inverting switched-mode PC power supply
Switched-mode fundamental frequency selection
The discovery of the switch circuit
High performance with high efficiency power supply. Grounding
Series capacitor before servicing.
Insulating pilars passing through the light signals and hydraulic power hydraulic accumulators
SG1524 is switching circuits Adam and Eve
The grandfather of the swithing supply is SG3524
Motorola MC34063A swithing supply
TL494 TL494 circuit operation
The triangular wave generator the control signal by the dead time generator
Current limitation for each half-cycle.
LM3524 circuit implemented in switched-mode switching.
ICP and the coil
The Simple Switcher is a simple switch circuit
Coil by a filtering calculation
Calculation of the Social Insurance Institution in the switching circuit
The PC power supply connectors
The chipper repair instructions 1-16
PC power supplies will be corrected works concession
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4 x Pulse simulator
4 x Power supply 3V-12V 1A
4 x DB15Male 90 deg connector
4 x DB15M ribbon cable connector
4 x DB15Female 90 deg connector
4 x Ultrasonic transducer
4 x Serialscope is an Excel chart deposit program
7 x Sequencer for radioamateurs
4 x Geotechnical counter
3 x LED Theatre actor time lapse meter
6 x Audio tansformer 600:600 ohms
9 x USB 2.0 serial adapter
4 x Figaro CO sensor 5042-B00
3 x MT8870DS DTMF decoder
3 x WH4004A-TMC-ET# 4*40 merkkiä LCD
5 x SMT160-30 temperature sensor
4 x LCD WH4002A 40*2 blue lcd
4 x LCD 204A 4*20 character
5 x LCD WH1601A-yyt-ET#
8 x USB audio adpter
5 x PT1000 surface sensor
4 x Bluetooth temperature meter
2 x LP-100FZ potentiometer MIDO 100mm
3 x Acceleration Logger X250-2
2 x Christmas star construction kit
3 x inductive PNP-type sensor
2 x Reset adapter
2 x Ir receiver 38kHz TSOP4838
1 x GPS Mapper
6 x TCPIP controller
7 x Inductiive sensor Namur
8 x L6203 stepmotor driver
6 x Maxon DC MOTOR 24V 2332.911-10.156-052
2 x Easy CNC book
2 x Time'n and Count'n book
2 x Village without name
1 x DIN mounting Wavecom modem
3 x DIP4 - 4 Position DIP Switch
2 x DIP8 Switch
1 x GSM antenna outside the enclosure
3 x DB9 straight male solder connector
1 x GSM relay PG-30
5 x TSL230BR light/frequency converter DIP8DIP8
2 x 54C922J Keyboard decoder DIP18
1 x ADXL202E 2*Level sensor
1 x ADXL203E 2*level sensor
1 x Bourns ECW1J-B24-CC0024L pulse sensor 24 pulse/turn
1 x HTRC100-01T RFID 125KHz detector IC SOIC14
1 x humidity sensor
7 x CAN232 adpater for RS232
1 x 6.35mm socket connector body
1 x Crimp Terminal Red 4mm MALE 100p
2 x DIP switch 2
1 x FME naaras SMA reverse ( pin) adapter
1 x Micro USB connector
1 x Mini USB Type B connector
1 x Neurik audio plug, 6.35mm / 1/4
1 x USB Connector USB-B-S-RA
1 x Electric Lock 12V ABR-001
4 x BU353 USB GPS GPS receiver
4 x EM-408 GPS module and antenna embedded systems
4 x GD -101 GPS locator , a 5- place points
4 x GPS -105-K1 USB/PS / 2 adapter cable RS232
6 x GPS TTL in/out 9600
4 x 8-Pin SOIC/MSOP/TSSOP/DIP Evaluation Board
5 x DEV-PIC18F67J50 development card
2 x DV164122 PICkit Serial Analyzer
2 x MA300012 dsPIC 64P QFP Plug in sample
3 x Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H
1 x PICDEM Z MRF24J40 daugeter board
2 x PICKIT 2 LOW PIN count Demo Board DM164120-1
2 x PICKit 28-Pin Demo Board with PIC16F886
1 x PICtail Signal Analysis Daughter Board164120
3 x CF-IDE adapter
2 x PC Keyboard USB
2 x PCI Express Serial Card 2 x RS232
2 x EBC Company PD44 adpater
2 x Eprom eraser
2 x EPROM programming device GQ -4X
2 x GQ-4X ADP-015 MCS-51+/51AVR+/AT89+ w/PLCC44 adapter
3 x Melabs Serial ON- line Microchip PIC programming device
3 x Melabs USB ON- line Microchip PIC programming device
3 x Olimex PIC - PG2 programming device
3 x PIC-PG1
4 x PICKIT3 PG164130
3 x PLCC 32 adapter DIP40
5 x MRF24J40-I/ML Radio chip
4 x CMPS03 electronic compass + I2C/RS232 converter
3 x CMPS11 a serial communication module
3 x CMPS11 compass module
3 x MC1496D SOIC14 modulator
3 x Radio amateur antenna direction electronic display
3 x Crydom D2W202F Zero Switch # 2A 240VAC
3 x MrSmart datalogger
4 x Thermostat
3 x USB temperature sensor and logger Temper
1 x 1PK - TZ019 Optical Tweezer ( 120mm )
1 x Bread Board 1680pins
1 x Button
1 x Extension cords 10 pcs 300mm 3-pin power actuator
1 x Panduit cable tie 99mm
1 x Proskit electronic tools
2 x Soldering iron 30W 230V 50Hz
5 x special tools are needed to circuit board soldering
2 x STORM keyboard STORM 700 , 16WAY , GREY
2 x The keyboard 3 * 4
2 x Tin vacum cleaner
2 x USB memory pen + laser +
6 x RF ID Reader for PC 125kHz
5 x USB - Accelerometer 3 -axle X16-1D
2 x 4*DA Converter
2 x Fast ADC converter
1 x REF200AUE Duol Dual Current Source/Current Sink
1 x USB 2.0 Data Link Cable
4 x AT-603 temperature control
3 x Flextop 2201 temperature converter
3 x PT100 surface sensor
3 x PT100 Probe
3 x Humidity and temperature control
5 x SRF-04 IR distance sensor
5 x SRF08 IR sensor + light sensor
5 x SRF235 IR distance sensor
2 x IR-EGGS2 Infrared remote control extender
2 x IR-EGGS3 IR remote control distance increase
2 x Displaytech 162B LCD
2 x Displaytech 64240
1 x LCD display LM1110, 4 line in, 16 character / line
1 x LCD CM204-1 4 *20 characters Blue
1 x wh2004A_TMI.jpg 4*20 Blue LCD
4 x 4 digit voltage meter
1 x 2005 Logger data acquisition unit
4 x Step Motor Controller 4A 12-36V
3 x L297 step motor driver
3 x PBL3717A step motor driver
3 x step404 stepper motor controller
2 x INO2236 K-temperature-sensor
2 x Thermometer
2 x Platin sensor
2 x Temper the heat logger USB interface
4 x S27-USB-Serial converter
3 x USB PoUSB12 USB/TTL converter
3 x USB PS/2 converter
8 x USB RS232 muunnin VSCOM
2 x USB/serial connction DB25Male, 1.5m cable. PU-1284
3 x USB Serial Converter (TTL)
3 x USB buzzer
3 x USB TB-65 USB calculator, numerical keyboard
6 x USB USB2-EX10M externsion 10m
5 x 1N5819 schottky diode
7 x Diode 1N4007
5 x MR508 3A 800V diode
3 x Keymat12 keyboard
3 x Keymat16 700 series keyboard
1 x ICL7660 negative voltage generator
1 x LM7806 5V positive regulator TO220
1 x MAX724 5A/2A Step-Down, PWM, Switch-Mode DC-DC Regulators
4 x PTC resistor B59890
5 x Pushbutton
3 x Current Transformer 3000: 1
3 x 93LC56 2k eeprom
3 x DSPIC30F2010-20I/P
3 x dsPIC30F2010-I/SP DIP28
3 x ECN28J60-SP Etnernet driver DIP28
3 x ECN28J60/SO SOIC28 ETHERNET Driver
4 x ENC28J60-I/S0 ETHERNET ohjain
3 x MCP9701A0T-M/OT temperature sensor
3 x MCP9800A0T-M/OT I2C temprature sensor
5 x PIC12F508-I/P microprosessor
2 x PIC16F18857-SO
1 x PIC16F886-SO
1 x LCD counter 999999
1 x Baler counter 10d
1 x Baler counter 10 c
1 x Baler counter 10b
2 x Triple powered calkulator
2 x Grain dryer GSM alarm3
2 x Grain dryer GSM alarm2
2 x Inductive NPN-type Sensor LJ18A3-8-Z / BX
4 x 93C66B-I/SN 256*16byte EEPROM
6 x Measuring Device 4-20mA 6 Bar
5 x AD594A0 termoelement converter
5 x AD7731BN DIP28 24-bit ADC
5 x ADC LTC1197 10bit spi SOIC8
5 x ADC601 12bit 900ns AD-conveter DIP32
5 x CS5528-AP 24bit 8ch adc
5 x HADC574CCI 12bit ADC DIP28
5 x LTC1199 2-channel ADC SPI SOIC8
5 x LTC1290CCN 12bit ADC SPI
5 x MAX111ACP 2-Channel, ±14-Bit Serial ADCs DIP 14
5 x MAX121 308ksps ADC 14 bit ADC
5 x MAX186dcp Low-Power, 8-Channel, Serial 12-Bit ADCs
5 x MAX192BCCP Low-Power, 8-Channel, Serial 10-Bit ADC
4 x MAX528 8*, Serial, 8-Bit DAC with Output Buffers DIP20
4 x MAX532 Dual, Serial Input, Voltage-Output, Multiplying, 12-Bit D
4 x MCP3553-E 22bit ADC SOIC8 SPI
1 x AD8307 Complete multistage logarithmic amplifier
1 x Amplifier IC chip MCP6292 -E / SN , 2 * OP AMP, 10MHZ , SOIC8
1 x LF411CN amplifier DIP8
1 x LF442 amplifier
1 x LM10CLN Operational Amplifier and Voltage Reference
1 x LM1207AK 3*Video amplifier DIP28 0.6" wide
1 x LM3886T 68W power amplifier , 3886 , TO- 220-11
5 x ACS706T current meter 1.5mohmia
1 x Analog Devices AD558JN 8- bit DACs
1 x DAC0800LCN
1 x MAX525BCPP 4*12 bit DIP20 DAC
2 x MAX5351BCPP 13-Bit DAC, DIP
3 x MCP4922 -I/SO 2* 12 bitin DAC SOIC
4 x HDSP 2110 8* number LED display,
3 x ICL7106 DIP40 LCD Driver
3 x ICL7216DIPI LCD counter DIP28
3 x ICL7217AIPI 4 decade counter for LED display
4 x The ICL7107 is 31/2 digit A/D converter
1 x IR2110 FET HIGH side drive IC DIP14
1 x L298 IC chip
1 x LM3886T AMP, AUDIO + MUTE 68W, 3886, TO-220
1 x PBL3717A DC motor controller
1 x TC4432EOA of the MOSFET driver IC , low and high side of the SOI
1 x ULN2004 DIP16 7 * NPN Darlington transistor 0.5A 50V
4 x PIC16F1507-I/P DIP20
4 x PIC16F690-I/P
2 x AT80C52-16PI
3 x AT89S8252-24PC
3 x Intel80C32DI
2 x MOS6526A CIA Chip
2 x P80C31BH AMD 51-compatible prosessor
2 x P89C51RD21-HBP
2 x PIC16C64/JW DIP40
2 x PIC16F877-20/P DIP40
2 x PIC16F877A-I/P DIP40
2 x PIC16F887-I / P DIP40
2 x PIC18F2550-I/P DIP40
2 x PIC18F452-I/P DIP40
2 x PIC18F4620-I/P DIP40
1 x DSPIC30F6011-30I/PF
4 x PIC12F675-E/SN DIP8
4 x Counter Led 5 digit
1 x LIS3L02 3-D sensor
3 x MPX4115A air pressure sensor
3 x DELTACO sound cable, 3,5mm male- 2xRCA male, 2m, white
3 x USB 2.0 cable A-type male - B-type male , 0,5m
1 x DELTACO USB 2.0 cable A-type male - A-type female
2 x The device cable with CEE 7/16 - straight IEC 60320 C7
4 x Oil burner remote GSM
4 x Firing pulses sensor
4 x Grain Dryer GSM alarm1
2 x The tilt meter graders and tractors
1 x 10pcs RJ -9 telephone four- pole adapter
1 x 3.5mm audio connector male
1 x 16-Bit 28-Pin Starter Board
3 x 32bit Starter Demo board DM320001
3 x 44 PIN, DEMO BOARD DM164120-2
2 x R1-1A12 5V read relay 10VA
2 x Latch relay Siemens V23042 - C2108- 3VB2011
2 x Feme RMI relay 230VAC coil 4 pieces 5A change- model RMI23
1 x Relay 12V 10A 250V 1 change over
1 x The relay coil 12 V 2- 5A 250V exchange tips , the circuit board
1 x Safety relay HDZ 468-1163 48V
1 x USB controlled 8 relay control USB rly8B
2 x A3959SBT PWM +/-3A
2 x USB RS232 converter
1 x USB-GPIO12
1 x USB-I2C module
1 x Si570 oskillator CMOS CAG00014G
1 x PIC16C505-JW DIP14
1 x PIC16C56A-04/P DIP28
1 x PIC16C642-JW DIP28
1 x PIC16F628A-I/P DIP18
1 x PIC16F688-I/P DIP14
3 x PIC16F84-SO SOIC18
1 x PIC16F84A-I/P
2 x PIC16F872-I/P DIP28
2 x PIC16F873A- SO
1 x TC620CCPA DIP8 Temperature sensor
2 x 24C65/P 64kB EEPROM
2 x 24LC16B 16kB EEPROM
2 x 24LC256 256kB EEPROM
2 x 24LC512 Eeprom 64kB
2 x 93LC46 1kB EEPROM
1 x PIC16F2431-SO
1 x PIC16F2431-I/P
1 x SAB-C517A
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